Products and services are often blamed for causing fires, accidents, injuries and property damage, and litigation often results.

With FACTS you'll be armed with ready access to education in engineering and technology and a working knowledge of many relevant subjects - in addition to the insight and knowledge gained from thirty linear years (full-time) of determining the technical causes of fires and accidents of all kinds. Knowledge of how things work leads to knowledge of how things fail. Knowledge of how things fail helps the investigator distinguish product failure from the hand of human error. 

In a typical product liability case we objectively investigate, document, review, and analyze the physical evidence and other technical facts to determine and report on culpability. FACTS' insightful forensic reports are frank, concise and understandable, and specifically address the issues of vital interest without whitewash.             

Fire & Accident Causation Technical Services (FACTS) of Florida is located in the Tampa Bay area, and specializes in providing independent technical causation forensic expertise to plaintiff & defense attorneys, insurance companies, private individuals, companies, and corporations in the southeast United States, Caribbean, and Central America, with extensive full time experience (CV) in solving real-life puzzles in technical forensic & scientific investigations of fires &
accidents since 1981.

In Causation Forensics, Experience Matters 

If you're searching for a qualified fire expert and/or accident reconstruction expert for your product liability case or subrogation who is an effective communicator as well - FACTS is here to help. Whether it be in the form of a detailed analysis or basic technical guidance, Fire & Accident Causation Technical Services is committed to the understanding, determination, and explanation of the underlying causes of accidents and fires. It's what we've excelled at for 35 years. And we offer the benefits of this commitment, experience, and knowledge to you. 

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