Fire & Accident Causation Technical Services (FACTS) of Tampa, Florida is an equal opportunity company in that we accept assignments from both plaintiff and defense attorneys for civil and criminal cases, insurance companies, private individuals (including pro bono cases), and private companies and corporations.

We have also provided specialized consulting for various forensic engineering companies as an independent contractor.

An important criterion we have in accepting cases from anyone is that we be allowed access to all the information relevant to the physical evidence of the case so that the best informed conclusion can be reached. Failure to provide all pertinent information at the onset can result in a compromise - and possible change - of our opinion further down the road, since any opinion rendered is based on the facts available at the time.

Given the criterion above it is not unusual that we will find technical weaknesses in your case. If you simply desire a hired gun or a paid advocate to parrot a position, we are probably not the right choice for you. If, however, you seek an informed technical advisor to aid in a teamwork approach to case strategy, then you've come to the right place.

Advice vs Advocacy
ur role, as we see it, is to objectively review and analyze the evidence and other technical facts in an attempt to understand what happened, and to advise you of the case's technical strengths and weaknesses. Using this approach, an informed strategy can be implemented to evaluate the evidence.

If the case has more weaknesses than strengths, you need to know this so that you can either deal with it accordingly with the proper strategy, or simply cut your losses. Likewise, if your case is strong you will know that, too, and you will be able to confidently negotiate with the assurance that you are not merely being told what you want to hear.


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