Referrals & Independent Contracting
If you are a forensic engineering or technical company specializing in causation forensics investigations, you will occasionally be contacted by potential clients who have a claim or loss outside of your expertise and/or geographic area. In most instances, travel costs will be prohibitive and the client will be forced to look for expert help closer to the loss.

Instead of turning down and losing this business, it can be beneficial for you to refer the case or retain a local company with which you're familiar.

Fire & Accident Causation Technical Services (FACTS) is centrally located in Tampa, Florida. If your client has a fire or accident loss in Florida, Georgia, or Alabama, Jeff Williams can affordably work the case for you either on a referral fee basis, or as an independent contractor.

Mr Williams' CV can be viewed here. or downloaded as a PDF here.

His case experience can be viewed here.

For more information, call Jeff Williams at 813-960-4040 or