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Did a cell phone really cause this fire?
This interesting video from a surveillance camera (unknown source) of a fire at a gas pump was e-mailed around the internet with a warning about using cell phones while pumping gas. The fire, though, was really caused by static electricity.

Spontaneous Human Combustion
Another urban myth explored through science.

Why the Cause Might Not be Electrical
Some fires determined to be electrical by local fire departments are more likely caused by something else.  Here's why...

Let's Get Real  (with three episodes of CSI thrown in for good measure)
Special effects, sloppy attention to detail, contrived plots, and a poor understanding of fire investigation are common in Hollywood depictions of fire. CSI was just the latest example. This is not reality TV. If you're involved in writing a book, a screenplay, or other project which needs technical advice and/or realistic details about fires and or crashes, check out this page for more information.

Fire Behavior in Space
Candles burn faster, fires burn as "floating flame balls"

Fire Related Photographs

Search Fire Statistics from the US Fire Administration
National Fire Incident Reporting System Data, searchable by state, year, type of fire, etc.

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