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The Texas A&M videos below were produced by WREX2000 and are available here with permission.
30 mph Head-on Crash Test
Conducted at Texas A&M during an accident reconstruction conference, this collision pits a van in a partial overlap head-on against a very large pickup truck. When two vehicles collide, a quantity known as a "closing speed" is sometimes discussed. In this collision, each vehicle was moving toward the other at 30 mph, producing a total closing speed of (30+30=) 60 mph. Each vehicle was moving forward at "only" 30 mph. 30 mph doesn't seem very fast, but look at what can happen...

60 mph Head-on Crash Test Video, Slow Motion
This collision was also conducted at Texas A&M with two vehicles identical to the ones used in the 30 mph crash test, but here only the van was moving - at 60 mph. The pickup truck was stationary. The total closing speed of 60 mph in this partial overlap head-on crash (60+0=60 mph), though, was the same as that in the 30 mph test test. Would the results be similar?

Fatality Analysis Reporting System

The Accident Reconstruction Network

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
Probably the best site on the web for vehicular safety issues for both accident reconstructionists and the general public.

Florida Traffic Crash Report
The latest report available on traffic crashes in Florida.

Crash related photographs